'Are You Helping Thieves' - Home Security Advice

Since starting in 1996 more than 20,000 crimes have been solved with information about criminals and their activities provided to Crime Stoppers by members of the community.  It's new home security advertising media campaign, "Are You Helping Thieves".  Crime Stoppers reaches further into the community to help prevent crime.

Commercials on radio and Channel 9 television will run in the New Year, highlighting home security, particularly when away on holidays.  The campaign also directs home owners to the Crime Stoppers web site holding key SA Police tips to stop thieves from breaking in.

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  • Ensure appropriate locking devices are fitted to all doors and windows
  • Even when you are outside, lock all doors and windows
  • Don't leave expensive items where they can be seen through windows
  • Put packaging of expensive items into the rubbish, don't leave the boxes sitting on the kerb
  • Take all keys with you when you go out, leave a spare set of keys with a trusted neighbour or friend - Don't hide keys in the garden
  • Keep trees and bushes around your house trimmed to avoid them being used as hiding places
  • Make your house lived in, leave blinds and curtains partially open
  • Install and activate an alarm system
  • Engrave or mark all your property with an indelible pen or micro dot technology - use your Driver's Licence number at the identifier
  • Record all your property details on a checklist and store it in a safe place
  • Ask your neighbours to report all suspicious activity at the time on 131 444 or 000 if an emergency


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