About Crime Stoppers

Crime Stoppers is a highly successful program in which the community and the media help police solve crime.  It's simple, effective and a secure way for you to provide information to SA Police.

You can call Crime Stoppers free-call telephone number 1 800 333 000 anytime and speak to police about criminals and their illegal activities. You can choose to remain anonymous – you do not have to leave your name.

You can also provide information online anytime through the web site to which you are currently connected.

Just go to the link on the Home page. This site also protects your anonymity.

Be the eyes and ears of your community - make your community safer by helping to reduce and solve crime.    Contact Crime Stoppers when you know something about -

  • unsolved crimes that are featured in the media


  • criminals whose crimes and activities may or may not be known already to police

How it Works

The information you provide is examined and assessed by experienced police intelligence analysts. Police activity may not always be obvious. Understand that your information may support existing police suspicions.    Your information could also be important as police intelligence that helps solve and prevent other crimes in your community.

Rewards are available. 

Observation tips to consider

Illegal drug cultivation and manufacture

  • Buildings or houses that give off strange smells and where occupants visit infrequently and at unusual hours 
  • Where delivery and removal of chemistry style glassware, lighting and hydroponic watering systems
  • Where light comes from roof spaces, obviously blanked out windows and ventilation equipment is constantly activated or at strange hours
  • Security measures that are excessive or unusual for the premises

Illegal drug and property dealing

  • Homes, other buildings, vehicles or open locations where ongoing brief visits by people occur that reveal or suggest exchanges of parcels, objects and money taking place.

See something, Hear something, Say something

Remember - Crime Stoppers is not the contact point if you have been a victim of crime or you require police assistance!